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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just as advertised!!!!!!!! Wow! That's cool My first POC blog post!

Where's that red button? You know, the one that says "That was Easy."


Blink blink... coming out of the dark is hard, but we gotta get together and play!

OP present and accounted for. Uh, this posting on a blog seems too easy. Is this really all there is to it? Get invited by BooBooBee, log onto my gmail account and I'm blogging? Humph! Seems too easy. We'll see how my first post goes.

Okay - I for one have been a little directionless. That's what happens when I get going in too many directions - I end up being stationary and get nothing done! Time to prioritize myself. The Geocaching Spirit has spoken - saw Tammy at Kohls, going GCing w/ BBBee on Friday, caching in the offing with Moosemob who is coming to Atas this weekend for his annual Easter visit with family and Shukymomo said we "went the way of the Dodo bird." Can't seen the spirit as pointing me in any direction other than back to the Poison Oak for the Oreo Pony.

I'm back. OP

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Are We Kickin' It, or just Kickin'?

It seems Shuckymoo thinks Poison Oak Cachers has gone the way of the Dodo birds. Is it true? Are we all just too busy to get together. I know I've had a few things going on (like this and this, to name a couple), and everyone else I know seems swamped these days. How about you? Anyone up for a group cachin' event? Comment here!