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Friday, February 15, 2008

Welcome to a new era in Poison Oak Cacher history

Next week we'll introduce the new Poison Oak Cacher website, an information portal to the geocaching group serving California's Central Coast. That page will be static while we sharpen our html skills, but will link to this blog on which members may celebrate their hunt victories, opine on all things geocaching, organize group cache hunts...the possibilities seem endless.


Oreo Pony said...

Sweeeet! Here we go! BBB you're such a peach. This is going to be fun.

Geo_cats said...

Cool! Another POC place to gather with friends and geocaching fans.

BBB I like that you have added links to our bookmarked favorites. I've been attempting to get more cachers to do this so we can have lists of the best of the caches. Seeing that my GPSr has over 800 LOCAL caches in it I think checking out other cachers favorites will be helpful.

Geo_cats said...

To follow up on my comments about bookmarks of favorite caches.

In about 7 weeks I'm flying out to visit my daughters, one in Yuma AZ and the other in Tallahassee FL. I couldn't find any bookmark lists for Yuma but I found 4-5 lists for Tallahassee and I learned you can click a button to make a pocket query of the list. So I can easly make a good sized list of caches to take my grandkids to visit. The bookmarks make it so easy to gather a nice list.
I'm also gathering favorites here locally by seeking out bookmark lists. A good place to start is Doggy-doo park cache because several people have bookmarked that one. In fact 9 people have bookmarked that cache!